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Starting your Pole Journey with KCL Pole: Your First Pole Class

Welcome to KCL pole’s first blog post! When most people think of pole they think of well… stripping! While KCL Pole wholeheartedly embraces exotic dance, our society is about so much more. Our members embrace all styles of dance and have exotic, traditional, jazz, lyrical, comedy routines and much more. We partake in low pressure showcases, pole jams, and serious competitions while also maintaining a highly social and supportive atmosphere within the society. Because there are so many aspect’s to #polelife, we thought this blog would shed light on who we are and what we do whilst providing tips and tricks for all levels along the way. Click subscribe, stay in touch and we hope you enjoy.

And now… (drum roll please), for our first post…. what to expect from your first class!

Walking into the pole studio for the first time can be intimidating, exciting and needless to say - quite nerve racking! Dancers bustle about changing into barely there pole wear, bruises (or as we call them pole kisses) decorate the arms and legs of everyone around you. Students chatter on about their day, their tricks and class highlights. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone or ask questions - KCL Pole is proud to boast about our friendly atmosphere and inclusive members. You are guaranteed to be received with a warm welcome and a smile.

Before the class, make sure you change into booty shorts and a tank-top or sports bra. The poles are slippery so you’ll need the friction provided by your skin to execute most moves. If you don’t have booty shorts - or don’t feel comfortable wearing them, you may be able to get away with longer pants for the first few classes. This should provide plenty of time to track down some booty shorts and to gain the confidence to join in on rockin’ what your mama gave ya with all sorts of different bodies! On the same note, you may want to come prepared with liquid chalk to apply to your body and hands to help you stick to the pole (but you will be fine without it). Liquid chalk can be purchased from London Dance Academy or on Amazon. It's also really important not to apply moisturizer on your body the day of, or before, your class as this will definitely make you slip and will make it harder for others using the same pole as you to grip as well, so best to avoid it altogether.

After getting changed, removing all jewelry (as you could otherwise scratch the poles and remove their gripping abilities!), and chalked up, the instructor will call you in. Make sure you’re there on time because if you miss the warm-up you won’t be allowed in the class. It’s likely you will share a pole, so grab a friendly face to be your pole buddy for that class. Before getting to slay the pole, you’ll get warmed up with some good music, dynamic stretching and strength exercises. Only after the torture of pole pull-up’s (or feet-never-leave-the-ground-“pull-up’s” ;p) you’ll get into some spins and static poses. You may whirl around the pole effortlessly and seamlessly, but if you’re anything like I was you might stumble over your feet and collapse straight into the ground. Not to worry! Have a laugh with (or at ;p) your pole buddy and try to help each other figure out where you’re going wrong. Mastered the move and still have tons of time? Try to execute it with your own signature ~ flare ~ or change your execution and style with each song. The instructor will also mill about after demonstrating to provide tips and answer questions. At the end of the class the instructor will lead you through a cool-down. And that’s it! You’ve completed your first pole class.

You may notice some bruising - especially if you learn a pole sit. Some people bruise worse than others and if that is you it might be worth it to invest in some arnica cream from your local pharmacy to help speed the healing process. Fun facts! Bruising can indicate myofascial release - something that has loads of benefits like reduced cellulite, increased circulation, flexibility and functionality within the body. You’re also sure to notice physical soreness the day after your class #gainz. Expect quick progress with your strength, flexibility and stamina over the next few weeks. KCL Pole is sure you will also gain confidence, friends, and all the incredible benefits that regular exercise has to offer.

So there you have it! Your first pole class. Lets do a recap:

- Be on time

- Come prepared with shorts and a sports bra or tank-top

- Make sure to remove all jewelry

- Do not apply moisturizer the day of, or before your class

- Think about investing in some liquid chalk

- Introduce yourself! KCL Pole has a very friendly, clique free, judgement free atmosphere!

- Laugh at failures and celebrate successes

- Purchase some arnica cream if you’re worried about bruising

- Prepare for some soreness

Once you fall in love with pole - as we’re sure you will. Consider attending our strength and flexibility classes for cross training, signing up for a showcase, auditioning for a competition or showing up to one of our social events - We can't wait to see you this year!

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